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Spider-Rax is a company founded by solar installers, producing the industry’s most innovative mounting systems. Designed to reduce material cost and labor, it requires no cutting, drilling, or bulky rails. The black widow is designed for tiled roofs and the red widow for composite shingle roofs. Spider-Rax residential mounting systems do not require rails or stud attachments. Both mounting systems have integrated mid and end clamps included, they will fit all major manufacturers panels which allows for the fastest installation in the industry, without compromising structural integrity.


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Yeah, we are getting pretty popular.

We first saw the product at Solar Power International 2014 in Las Vegas and we liked what we saw. Most of our applications in the Bahamas are over asphalt shingle roofs and with our first installation after SPI 2014 we decided to order Red Widow Racking and our installer found it to be just as easy to install as was promised by you at SPI 2014.

The wind speed data you provided helped greatly in our decision to proceed to use the product as we are directly in the Hurricane Belt and wind speed ratings are very important to us. We are very pleased with the product and intend to continue to expand our relationship with Spyder-Rax as not only is the product ideal for our purposes but the very efficient and effective level of customer service was a key part in our decision to move forward with this relation. We would certainly recommend this product to other installers as the installation process allows for very fast and secure PV panel installations. Kind regards,

- Guilden M. Gilbert, Jr.
Vice President
" We have came across many different racking systems since we've been in business, but never one so efficient and easy to work with. Spider-Rax has completely changed our work flow, we have cut install time and material cost by half! Not to mention the time and money we have saved on training our new hires. Also probably my favorite fact about this product is that we don't have to stock 20 different kinds of boxes of random racking materials."

"Great job Spider-Rax "

- Regina Smith
I first heard about Spider Rax at the Solar Power International, They had a very impressive display and demo of their products. After talking to them about their product, I was sold on the spot! Their rail-less and stud-less system is by far superior to any other mounting systems in terms of efficiency and speed. I am able to bid jobs lower to help my customers really maximize their saving with going solar.

The staff at Spider Rax has been very helpful, they even sent an Installer (Troy) from their company to show us the most effective way to install their product. Troy was very helpful and made sure we knew exactly how everything worked in all aspect before he left. Their sales staff has been awesome to work with as well. Gaby is my contact, and she has been on top of everything I need. She is very quick in getting quotes back to me, and every helpful in the whole process.

Spider Rax is the only way to go!

Jim Hammond Hammond Electric Owner

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